About us

About Davo

Core Competences/Profit Model

  • Trade Professionals

    With diverse business experience in import, export and triangular trade, members of Davo Industrial accumulate wide knowledge and know-how to serve as a project organizer who can deal with complicated project combined trade, financing, engineering and manufacturing. In addition, 40 percent of members are specialists in international trade and investment with international working experience and they have ability to identify new business opportunities, secure necessary sources and develop markets

  • Global Network

    With over 100 global networks, Davo Industrial has business relations worth billions Chinese CNC with long term blue-chip partners across 18 countries every year.

  • Stable Business Portfolio

    All business units of Davo Industrial . report at least several hundred millions yuan of sales every year, with six of them reporting over one billion yuan. Its business units work together to generate synergies, helping reinforce the sources of income for the entire enterprise.

  • Brand Value and Credibility

    Using the high level of awareness of its brand “Davo” in international markets and its high credibility as a trade professional, Davo Industrial aid to promise SMEs in their expansion into global markets.

  • IT based RTE (Real-Time Enterprise)

    Davo Industrial is the first general trader to become a global real-time enterprise based on IT infrastructure driving knowledge based operation. Its head office and branches share operating information in real time via IT and implement slick operation on a global scale.