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Ethical Operation

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Davo actively practices ethical operation and fair trade.

Chapter 3. Commitment to Shareholders and Investors

Article 6 (Protection of the Interests of the Shareholder and Investor)

  1. The Company shall do its best to create profits through acting with integrity and implementing efficient business practices, by making reasonable investments and adding value.

  2. The Company shall keep stability, profitability, liquidity and fairness in the asset management in the first place and then improve asset management efficiency and maximize yield rate by optimizing asset structure.

Article 7 (Fair Treatment of Shareholders)

Unless otherwise required by the relevant laws or regulations, the Company shall ensure that all of its shareholders will be given fair voting rights and provided with information on the Company on an equal basis.

Article 8 (Timely Provision of Reliable and Useful Information)

  1. The Company shall provide shareholders and investors with any trustworthy and pertinent information that might be necessary regarding overall business processes at the appropriate time to help their investment decision-making.

  2. The Company shall work to make its value fairly evaluated in the market through active publicity and investor relation activities.

Article 9 (Transparent Accounting)

  1. The Company shall maintain honest and accurate records of its financial situation in accordance with the fair and legal accounting standards.

  2. The Company shall operate its property in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. The Company shall not operate itself in ways of circumventing restrictions set out in the relevant laws and regulations.

  3. The Company shall ensure that company funds are properly spent for designated purposes and no other and that the funds are not unduly stashed away.

Article 10 (No Unfair Practices Using Internal Information)

The Company shall not engage in unfair business practices including but not limited to insider trading to ensure fairness and soundness of the stock market and avoid loss of trust from shareholders and investors.