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Ethical Operation

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Davo actively practices ethical operation and fair trade.

Chapter 4. Commitment to Competitors

Article 11 (Righteous collection and use of information)

The Company shall ensure that information on competitors is collected in accordance with relevant laws and business practices and used for ethical purposes.

Article 12 (Fair competition)

  1. The Company shall not use or infringe competitors’ tangible and intangible assets without prior authorization.

  2. The Company shall secure competitive advantage in a fair manner and shall not slander its competitors or take advantage of their weaknesses.

Article 13 (Fair Trade)

  1. The Company shall comply with and respect principles of free market economy.

  2. The Company shall not engage in such anti-competitive practices with competitors with respect to production, price, bidding or market segmentation as collusion.

Article 14 (Compliance with laws and practices)

The Company shall compete in accordance with local laws and regulations as well as local business practices.