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Ethical Operation

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Davo actively practices ethical operation and fair trade.

Chapter 5. Commitment to Employees

Article 15 (HR development)

  1. The Company shall take every necessary measure to develop its members into people who demonstrate self-control and creativity.

  2. Senior members shall be committed to helping nurture juniors into those who display tenacity and a will to challenge themselves and provide support based on their aptitude and talent.

Article 16 (Treatment based on performance and competence)

  1. The Company shall provide its members with the opportunity to improve their competence and not discriminate any of them based on his/her educational background, gender, age or place of origin.

  2. The Company shall publicly define the criteria for the evaluation of member competence and performance and adhere to the criteria set in order to give its members motivation to develop themselves and foster fair competition.

  3. The Company shall reward its members strictly based on their competence and performance and not discriminate any of them for any other reason.

Article 17 (Rights to express)

The Company shall have procedures in place for its members to freely make suggestions or recommendations and file complaints without prejudice.

Article 18 (Responsibility for health and safety)

  1. The Company shall take measures necessary for its members to work in healthy and safe conditions.

  2. The Company shall ensure that its members work safely by removing any dangerous or harmful things from the workplace.