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Davo actively practices ethical operation and fair trade.

Chapter 7. Commitment to Society

Article 25 (Protection and Respect for Human Rights)

  1. The Company ensures that the right to life, to freedom and all other human rights are fully protected within the Company, and that it will maintain work environment that respects political, economical, social and cultural diversity.

  2. The Company ensures that equal opportunities are given to all members irrespective of their educational background, gender, religion, origin, age, disability, marital status or anything;

  3. The Company will support and respect internationally recognized standards such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and establish clear policy and system for protection of human rights and endeavor not to violate human rights in its management activities.

  4. The Company may, at itsdiscretion, conduct due diligence on management activities that might violate human rights or cause complaints.

  5. The Company will endeavor to find reasonable resolutions if, upon conclusion of the human rights due diligence, we believe our management activities have violated human rights or caused complaints.

  6. The Company will communicate with the relevant interested parties regarding human rights related activities and results thereof.

  7. The Company will strictly comply with the safety regulations, and will take appropriate actions upon discoveryof risk factors.

Article 26 (Sustainable businesses)

  1. The Company shall not engage in any act that may harm the national economy or cause disharmony among the public, including, but not limited to, real estate speculation.

  2. The Company shall honor local values and put the safety of local people first when doing business.

  3. The Company willcomply with the local labor laws and international standards with respect to the age and labor conditions of minor.

Article 27 (Contribution to Country and Society)

  1. The Company shall pursue continuous innovation and keep challenging itself to contribute to the growth of national exports and trade surplus. It shall strive to create new value for the country and society through the development of resources overseas.

  2. The Company shall fulfill its social responsibilities including job creation and being honest in tax payments; and, it shall actively participate in activities to help society including through aiding with disaster relief, volunteering, social education, etc.

  3. The Company will respect the laws and regulations of the local country, as well as the traditions and culture of local society and endeavor to mutual development with the country and society.

  4. The Company will encourage business partners to participate in activities for the development of the country and the society.

Article 28 (Environmental protection)

  1. The Company will evaluate the impacts and risks of business activities on the environment, and systematically manage environmental operation performance.

  2. The Company will jointly carry out environmental protection activities with various interested parties.

  3. The Company will reach a consensus on environmental protection with business partners, and support them to comply with laws and regulations related thereof.

  4. The Company will endeavor to comply with the environment laws and regulations and improve impacts on the environment in the overall process of product developing, manufacturing and using.

  5. The Company will minimize the discharge of pollutants by introducing eco-friendly manufacturing process and applying the optimal technology to prevent environmental pollution.

  6. The Company will endeavor to reduce consumption of fossil fuels or materials, and minimize discharge of greenhouse gas by improving energy efficiency.

  7. The Company will endeavor to restore the natural eco-system and preserve biological diversity through effective use of natural resources and by-products.

Article 29 (No political involvement)

  1. The Company shall not get involved in politics and ensure that no political activity takes place within its workplaces. The Company shall, however, respect its members’ rights to vote.

  2. The Company shall, directly or indirectly, give any illegal donation to, or bear any expenses for, any candidate of a public post or any political party.

  3. Members of the Company may express their political stance or make contributions to candidates or parties of their own choosing only as individuals. No member shall engage in any act that can be deemed as a stance or contribution on behalf of the Company.