<Chapter 4, Good Working Environment


Ethical Operation


Davo actively practices ethical operation and fair trade.

Chapter 4. Good Working Environment

Article 15 (No money lending or borrowing between members)

  1. No lending or borrowing of money, offering of guarantee or leasing or renting of properties shall be allowed between members of the Company.

  2. No member of the Company shall use his/her position or job to engage, or cause any other member to engage, in any lending or borrowing of money. Any member found in violation of this article shall be reported immediately to the Office of Ethics.

  3. No congratulatory or condolatory money given to other member shall exceed RMB300.

Article 16 (No sexual harassment at workplace)

  1. The Company shall take every measure necessary to prevent sexual harassment within its workplaces, including through putting in place procedures and providing training as necessary.

  2. All members of the Company shall make reasonable efforts to prevent sexual harassment within their workplaces in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the Company’s governing (HR related) regulations