<Chapter 5, Actions against Non-compliances


Ethical Operation


Davo actively practices ethical operation and fair trade.

Chapter 5. Actions against Non-compliances

Article 17 (Reporting of non-compliances)

  1. Any member of the Company who becomes aware of a violation of this Code of Conduct shall report the matter to the Office of Ethics in the fastest and most convenient manner possible.

  2. Upon receipt of the report by a member of a violation of the Code of Conduct and/or this Code of Conduct, the Department Head concerned shall report to the Office of Ethics immediately.

  3. With respect to the report pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 2 above, the Office of Ethics has the authority to investigate it, whenever necessary, and the member involved with the aforesaid report shall actively cooperate with the Office of Ethics in relation to such investigation.

  4. The Office of Ethics shall keep all reporters and their reports strictly confidential and ensure that no disadvantage shall arise due to their reports.

Article 18 (Disciplinary action)

  1. Upon becoming aware of any violation of this Code of Conduct through report or notification, the Office of Ethics may recommend to the Personnel Committee necessary measures against the member in question including, but not limited to, disciplinary action.

  2. Any member who has violated this Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action according to the Company's governing regulations.


Article 1 (Effective date)

This Code of Conduct is effective as of September 26, 2011.

Article 2 (Interpretation)

  1. Operating rules for report of any unethical act including taking money or gift from an interested party and reward for such report shall be as stipulated seperately.

  2. Violation by any of the family members, relatives, or acquaintances of a member of the Company of this Code of Conduct in the name of the said member shall be deemed to be committed by the member.

  3. Any dispute arising in connection with the interpretation of this Code of Conduct or any matter not covered herein shall be handled in accordance with the explanation and decision of the Office of Ethics.