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We are a leader in international trade and resource development.

Energy and Resource


Davo Industrial Ltd is committed to the development of overseas grain resources such as palm oil, rice, soybeans, cotton and wheat etc.The Developing  of forest resources for  high added value.  Davo is carrying out the palm oil plantation development project of 3,000 hectares in Papua, Indonesia and is expected to have the first harvest of palm oil in 2017 and 10,000 tons of palm oil for every year after that. Through Belt and Road policy, we have invested in CIS market with the help of local cost advantages, such as Tajikistan. Nearly a million hectares of cotton, grapes and other agricultural products have been planted. We strive to enable the organic products more competitive in the international market through mechanization planting and pollution-free cultivating.At the same time we imported the high-quality agricultural products from Central Asia, such as raisins, cherries, and peanuts and established the Chinese market.

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