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Since 2011

 Davo Industrial Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huatong Cable Inc .  It started form industry from the year 2011, and developed to be great through exporting. Now we become independent legal entity of working on power and infrastructure construction, medical devices. Now we keep 30% of increase rate every year. In 2016, Davo Industrial acquired and held the shares of upstream and down stream enterprises, and established strategic cooperation relations with several enterprises, like the China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd(CNMC), NORINCO international and China railway construction(CRCC), laid solid foundation for turning on the expansive future.

With over 100 global networks around the world, Davo Industrial does various business with local and international customers, carrying a wide range of products including steel, metal, machinery, automotive component, Industrial electronics, steel raw material, non-ferrous metal, chemical and agro-fishery product. In addition, Davo Industrial not only engages in the export and triangular trade of industrial machines and equipments, but also plays a critical role as a project organizer in the implementation of overseas development project such as power generation, railroad, ports, plants and IT facility.

Davo Industrial has embarked on overseas resource development project. Starting with offshore gas field development in Vietnam, Davo Industrial has engaged in 15 projects such as oil, gas, mineral and food resource throughout the world, including bituminous coal in Narrabri, Australia and palm oil in Indonesia. Such efforts leads Davo Industrial to establish a solid foothold as a leading global resource developer in the world market. Davo Industrial has the power of integration, can link effectively project design, equipments manufacture and purchase, infrastructure construction, installment, maintenance and some other parts in international projects to a whole reliable and economic entity together, and coordinate work each part, create overall efficiency, and so as to reach the best in whole performance.

Davo Industrial established good and steady relationship with many domestic banks. According to policy orientation and condition of financial service products, providing all sided project financing solution for proprietors, depends on state policy bank and substantial commercial bank. We devote ourselves to be the best partner which creative further customer value in the future, foster future power through innovating business model and reinforcing the relationship with stakeholders. We will go toward a new take-off through technical improvement and investment of crossed boundaries, through developing best comprehensive solution.

DAVO Corporation

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    June 17, 2011

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    Power and Infrastructure Construction, Machinery, Energy and Resource, IT

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    Room 101, Floor 16, Building 19, Shangwu Waihuan Rd, CBD, Zhengzhou, China.

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